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30 August 2010 @ 10:07 am
New Affiliates Post

If you would like to request to affiliate with edens_escape, please comment here.

All affiliates will be added to our user info page.
29 March 2010 @ 11:40 pm
Community information, Page-a-mod

Welcome to edens_escape

Feel free to post discussions, recommendations or reviews of books, movies, or music. You may also request recommendations. Request posts will be limited to three per day.

We strongly suggest you use images with your posts, but anything over 300 x 400 should be under a cut, and only one image may appear above the cut.

"Themed Tuesdays" - Every Tuesday your moderators will post a themed recommendation or discussion.

"Off-Topic Weekends" - Feel free to post off-topic discussions throughout the weekend. We only ask that you make sure the post is interactive: a discussion, a game, chat post, etc., that all members can participate in.

Tags: Remember to use our tags to make the community easy to peruse. For instance, you have a horror movie to recommend, use tags: Recommendations, Movies : Horror
We've also added a miscellaneous tag just in case what you're interested in discussing (art, a great online bookseller, fashion, etc.) doesn't fall under any other tags offered.

At this time posts are unmoderated. Your entry will post immediately. As we grow, and perhaps feel the need, this may change in the future.

Community promotions are allowed by request.

Please be respectful of other members.

**Page-a-mod - comment below with any questions, suggestions, complaints, or to request a promotion post. Comments will be screened.